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     I've built Qualident with the same values you've built your practice on...A fair price, consistent high quality products and outstanding customer service. And just like you, I know that I need to establish a high level of trust in order to earn your loyalty to our services. So whether you are new or have used our services before - please let my team and I know how we can best serve you.

     The bottom line is that we look forward to working with you to provide a quality product for you & your patients.  Give us a call TODAY @ 1.800.255.6427.


Scott Alvarez, Owner



We are confident that you will see a true difference in our quality, communication and attitude at Qualident Dental Lab, LLC.  Read more...


Qualident Dental Lab, LLC is a full service dental laboratory specializing in high end dental appliances.  Read more...


We guarantee to provide competitive prices, consistent high quality products and outstanding customer service. Feel free to contact our expert staff for any individual Crown & Bridge, Denture or Partial Department case planning and assistance. We hope you'll consider Qualident your one stop destination for all your technical needs.

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